Earth has run out of resources! You are being sent to a distant planet to establish a factory capable of teleporting items back home. To accomplish this you must mine for valuable resources, build machines to craft industrial parts, construct a network of conveyor belts to transport goods, and research new technology to improve the production and efficiency of your factory.

🏭 Build Factories
Builderment is a factory building game at heart. Build and manage your own industrial factory! Construct machines to automate production and place conveyor belts to transport materials efficiently between buildings.

🪵 Gather Resources
Gather wood, iron, copper, and other resources from the world to craft components for research. Place extractors on top of resources to harvest an infinite supply.

🛤️ Transport Materials
Build a network of conveyor belts to transport resources between machines. Control the direction and amount of items with splitters and underground belts.

🔬 Research Technology
Research new technology to progress through the game. Unlock new buildings to increase production efficiency and recipes to craft more advanced items.

📜 Player Blueprints
Create Blueprints of your factory to easily rebuild sections later. Or share them with friends and other players! There is no limit to the size or how many Blueprints you create, get creative!

🏭 Power Plants
Build Coal and Nuclear power plants to speed up other nearby machines. These buildings require a steady supply of resources or they stop working.

🌳 Decorations
A good looking factory is a happy factory. Spruce up your base with decorative trees, rocks, fences, walls, statues, industrial parts, and even a snowman.


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