Get ready to sit back and relax while your factory idly harvests, crafts, and sells items for you!

Builderment Idle is a brand new game from the developer of Builderment. Coming soon to iOS and Android.

Builderment Idle is a fun and casual take on the factory simulation genre.

In Builderment Idle players are tasked with managing the production of resources while keeping up with crafting them into valuable items ready for sale. The game’s intuitive mechanics allow players to upgrade their factories, enhancing production capacities and efficiency with each advancement.

As players progress they can explore new environments and purchase new factories to expand their operations and craft even more valuable items.

One of the most anticipated features of Builderment Idle is its idle gameplay aspect. When players are busy in the real world their factories continue working. Upon returning to the game, players are rewarded with all the gold made while away.

Once players have reached certain milestones they can prestige which will restart the game but provide a permanent boost to gold earned. Allowing them to progress faster and further than before.

Builderment Idle promises to be the ultimate casual factory simulation experience for gamers of all ages.

Stay tuned for updates.

- Keep on building!

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