Itโ€™s been two years since Builderment was first released on the App Store. In that time there have been over 30 updates, including blueprints, sandbox mode, robotic arms, power plants, and countless bug fixes. Thousands of players and fans have formed wonderful communities on Discord, Reddit, and Twitter. Sharing screenshots of their worlds, factory blueprints, complex belt splitters, efficient layouts, helping others, and making incredible art. Players have spent hundreds of hours building their worlds and creating big amazingly efficient factories.

Check out some of the amazing creations from players in the #builderment-art-๐ŸŽจ Discord channel.

Stop motion by Human-Crow
Original render by Ralsei Potato by selongcob Sonic by Neonic Planet by HumbleBeing Sketch by kmmmmm Factory by zeta

Whatโ€™s next?

Currently only people with access to an iPhone or iPad can play. This is about to change. Over the last few months Iโ€™ve been working on bringing Builderment to Android and PC. I will share more details in a future dev log but for now I will just say it is a lot of work! Most of the game leveraged Apple frameworks (UIKit and Metal) and had to be rewritten to support other platforms.

I am hoping to release Android later this summer and then PC shortly after.

Android players can pre-register on Google Play.

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PC players can wishlist on Steam.

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