It has been over 8 months since the last dev log where I shared a very hopeful plan for the year. A lot has changed since then so please enjoy this brief update.

Factories in the game have been reworked to have multiple possible recipes. I don’t know if this was shared before but originally each factory could only produce one item. Making it easy to build and identify which factory was needed to craft an item. However this really doesn’t scale well, if there are 30 items in the game (a low estimate of the final goal) that’s 30 unique factory designs. So now there are a few base factories and you select which item to craft after building them.

The rendering code is now using Metal directly. This took a while to learn and accomplish but having low level control of the graphics allows for better optimization opportunities.

The energy system / electricity has been removed from the game because it wasn’t that fun. It was a pretty simple concept, each factory required energy to work and you’d need to place down a generator nearby that would produce X energy for all nearby factories. There weren’t other constraints so this just became tedious and didn’t add any enjoyment to the game.

The concept of enemies have also been scrapped from the initial release plans because it would take too much time. However I do think they would add an interesting dynamic to gameplay and would be fun to add eventually.

I’ve also been working on a background story and finalizing the goal of the game. Not quite ready to share that yet but should be soon.

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