Happy New Year!

It has been exactly one month since the last dev log. Honestly it has been difficult coming up with what I wanted to write about. The terrain generation and world building was my original idea for a topic and something I tried writing a couple of times. However it has been very difficult to build and not in a good state to share just yet. I will say, writing graphics shaders is quite exciting and more often than not leads to interesting visuals.

Custom shader mishaps

Since it’s the new year it seems like the perfect time to share my plans for Builderment in 2020. The following is a list of things I’d like to complete each quarter. There is undoubtedly a lot of other work not listed, so take these as the highlights.

Q1: Add electricity system, enemies, path finding, and working turrets.

Q2: Get a playable alpha version. Add more content and find a few brave souls to start testing.

Q3: Add more late game content, possibly cargo ships 🤫. Trying not to have too much feature creep.

Q4: Tiddy up and polish. Translations, audio, marketing, etc.

Release sometime in 2021…

If you’d like to see anything specific or know more please feel free to reach out via one of the links below.

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